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Main objective of AFRINAISSANCE

Afrinaissance is primarily a practical response to Mbeki’s call.

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Motivation for AFRINAISSANCE

Africa’s rebirth faces great odds. Not least is the continent’s own history. The slave trade and colonialism took a dreadful tool on its people.

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Dismantling a colonial AND SLAVE mindset

AFRINAISSANCE aims at dismantling a colonial and slave mindset by telling African people a story different from

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   Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, has set the pace for a new Africa by calling for an “African Renaissance”. This appeal for rebirth is pitched against a backdrop of a continent in crisis. Wars, diseases, hunger, and drought are widespread. Dictatorship, corruption, and mismanagement of resources continue to hold sway and throttle development efforts. For Africa’s rebirth to graduate from lip service, the continent must undergo a mental and cultural revolution. This is where Afrinaissance comes in handy. Afrinaissance (a corruption of “Africa” and “Renaissance”) is an intellectual and entertaining game of flash cards and pieces.


     International general version: it covers mainly the general achievements of Africans and people of African descent worldwide.

      Regional/Continental/Group general versions: more in-depth, they cover mainly people of African descent according to regions or groups (Americans, Canadians; Europeans; Africans and Arabs; West Indians, Latinos, Women, etc.).

       General national versions: they cover nations (Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Jamaica, Brazil, etc.).

     Specialized versions: soccer, basketball, football (US), baseball, music, rugby, cricket, media/writing/acting, history/politics, boxing and martial sports, inventions/discoveries/scholarship/business.